bonsai black pine grafting

A clip of Brent Walston from grafting a black pine. Video by Bob Potts

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  1. this is an excellent video — thank you for sharing your skill and experience — I will have a go at this 🙂

  2. I’m wondering can I grow a bonsai in the Tropics, because I live in Jamaica and I’m wondering what trees can be used too.

  3. CHASNSNX, shut your mouth. You have no idea of what your talking about. PLease stop misleading others.

  4. The commonest pine grafts are Japanese white pine scion to Japanese black pine rootstock, and cork bark Japanese black pine to Japanese black pine rootstock. Less common are Japanese red pine foliage to Japanese black pine rootstock, and my favorite, where John Naka grafted Japanese black pine foliage to Canary Island pine rootstock. I saw the John Naka tree in person, more years ago than I care to admit.

  5. kinda the cutting will fuse with the actual tree he used and form new growth out of the cutting

  6. you are all kind of correct. The trunk section below the graft is regular japanese black pine, and will stay that way. It has strong root growth characteristics. The portion above the graft will eventually be removed, leaving just the graft. These are particular cultivars of black pine that have special characteristics like short needles, or stripes on the needles, etc.

  7. it is just a piece of a plastic cutting board that he holds the stock against while making the cut. You can use anything – it just keeps the knife from going into your leg if you slip 🙂

  8. Actually, that is true only if you cut the vulgaris; if not you will have a tree that is part vulgaris and part black pine; each plant part well defined and with its own characteristics.

  9. what is that white stone he’s using to cut the angles in the cion? almost looks like a really soft cutting block?

  10. yes, of course…in this case the vulgaris pine has been grafting with a black pine so in the future this will be a black pine with all the characteristics of that kind of tree.

  11. What is the significence of grafting. does it change the pine niddle lay out or something, does it make the tree more like the mother tree?

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