Meet the Breed – German Shepherd

Versatile and intelligent. Athletic and agile. The German Shepherd is one of the world’s most beloved breeds. This comprehensive video, courtesy of Eukanuba, is a great way to gain an understanding of the history, characteristics and care for this amazing breed.

25 thoughts on “Meet the Breed – German Shepherd”

  1. @waterbongcritic ahahahh thats so cool!!! now get get back at some bullies !!!! lol nah i dont want to get my dog put down :( but if they hit me my hand migh accidently slip…. wink wink

  2. @TheJohnnybeez

    Yes, you won’t regret owning a well trained German Shepherd. An intelligent, loyal dog. A German Shepherd doesn’t need extensive training to want to tear the throat out of any threat to it’s family pack. When a German Shepherd is on duty, even a Tiger would want to back off.

  3. The best dog I’ve ever owned was a German Sheppard mutted with a quarter Rottweiler blood. Loyalty surpassed by no other animal or person I’ve ever known. R.I.P. Hans

  4. Here’s the bottom line on dog foods. Check the ingredients. Most of the popular brands, including Eukanuba, rely heavily upon grains, especially corn and corn meal because it’s cheap to produce. Dogs don’t digest grains well and they don’t digest corn at all, so it’s wasted bulk in their diet. There are a lot of fine brands out there that have little or no grain but you have to pay a little more for them. Research the subject on line. There are some good websites on the subject.

  5. @dabomber34 i am the exact same have you got one now and if so plz tell me all about it in a reply!!!

  6. @killerbiller35 when you run from a dog it will chase this was a bad dog but dont think all gsd are like that please this was the owners fault

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