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Meet the Breed – German Shepherd

Versatile and intelligent. Athletic and agile. The German Shepherd is one of the world‘s most beloved breeds. This comprehensive video, courtesy of Eukanuba, is a great way to gain an understanding of the history, characteristics and care for this amazing breed.

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25 thoughts on “Meet the Breed – German Shepherd

  1. marshie1337

    a fucking food commercial. re-title this video “GSD Euk Food Commercial” please.

  2. nana544017

    ahh i have 2 mom and her son im glad there loved

  3. ps3fanboy34

    @dabomber34 Dude i soo toataly would to

  4. xFalloutVids

    @dabomber34 Same here.

  5. TheJohnnybeez

    @sara9896 eulanuba its like $100 for 20 kilos

  6. CodeTwo2

    Don’t disguised commercials really get on your tits…

  7. sara9896

    @TheJohnnybeez what is

  8. NewHorizons22

    Omg Im reaalllyyyy considering owning a GSD. Maybe all black or white?

  9. TheJohnnybeez

    its so expensive tho

  10. TheJohnnybeez

    @waterbongcritic ahahahh thats so cool!!! now get get back at some bullies !!!! lol nah i dont want to get my dog put down :( but if they hit me my hand migh accidently slip…. wink wink

  11. waterbongcritic


    Yes, you won’t regret owning a well trained German Shepherd. An intelligent, loyal dog. A German Shepherd doesn’t need extensive training to want to tear the throat out of any threat to it’s family pack. When a German Shepherd is on duty, even a Tiger would want to back off.

  12. TheJohnnybeez

    @waterbongcritic awesome thanks i cant wait to get one

  13. TheJohnnybeez

    is it true that they guard their owner instinctivley????

  14. sara9896

    best breed ever hands down

  15. yadidimeanmaine

    The best dog I’ve ever owned was a German Sheppard mutted with a quarter Rottweiler blood. Loyalty surpassed by no other animal or person I’ve ever known. R.I.P. Hans

  16. germanshepherd435

    @teddybear4422 so true

  17. teddybear4422

    best dogs ever

  18. ObsessedWithSerpents

    I feed mine Arden grange food. It’s exceptional stuff!

  19. riznax143

    i have a german sheperd and i bought it for 300 dollars :D

  20. BedazzlingBrooke

    I had a 2 1/2 year old German Shepherd.
    We had a house fire and he didnt make it. T-T

  21. JackKangaroo1

    Here’s the bottom line on dog foods. Check the ingredients. Most of the popular brands, including Eukanuba, rely heavily upon grains, especially corn and corn meal because it’s cheap to produce. Dogs don’t digest grains well and they don’t digest corn at all, so it’s wasted bulk in their diet. There are a lot of fine brands out there that have little or no grain but you have to pay a little more for them. Research the subject on line. There are some good websites on the subject.

  22. TheJohnnybeez

    @dabomber34 i am the exact same have you got one now and if so plz tell me all about it in a reply!!!

  23. nhornar15

    @killerbiller35 when you run from a dog it will chase this was a bad dog but dont think all gsd are like that please this was the owners fault

  24. ForeverxMemoriesxxx

    german shepherd love them

  25. autumn2354

    @iluvzanimals7 what is better

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