3 Steps to Shaping Bonsai Trees

There are 3 steps to shaping a bonsai tree.  How to make a bonsai tree is easy.  Before shaping a bonsai tree, decide what the best attitude is for the tree.  Match the potential of a tree to the style that fits it best.

Nursery plants are often overgrown and need much pruning.  You can control bonsai growth and form by pruning and removing excess foilage and ugly limbs.  Remove all crossed brances until the tree takes on the form you selected.

1)       Bonsai Tree Pruning

Bonsai nursery plants are often overgrown and need much pruning. You need to make all cuts above a bud, a side branch or main fork of the tree.

Leave stubs flush with the stem.

Avoid cutting back too far – you may weaken the main branches.

2)      Bonsai Tree Trimming

Shaping is done by trimming (nipping).  This helps shape and develops the trunk and control the size of the bonsai plant.  Trimming a bonsai tree will develop more luxuriant foliage.

3)       Bonsai Tree Wiring

Wiring and bending of bonsai branches gives the bonsai its shape.  Wiring is done after pruning – when the bonsai tree has been thinned to essential branches.  Do not water the plant the day before you plan to wire it.

You can learn how to make a bonsai tree by practicing these bonsai shaping techniques.

1)       Bonsai Tree Pruning

2)       Bonsai Tree Trimming

3)       Bonsai Tree Wiring

Use the ‘rule of thirds” – this assures you of getting the proper division of space.  The total space is divided into thirds both horizontally and vertically.

Use the ?rule of thirds? ? this assures you of getting the proper division of space. Please go to Essential Bonsai for great bonsai books, bonsai trees and bonsai tree accessories.

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