How to make a Zen garden. SeeTsubo-en: The Tsubo-en Zen Garden, main garden ginshanada, tsukiyama and karikomi with hako-zukuri. A short season impression with the first movement of the koto classic Rokudan. An online guidebook for creating a karesansui Zen garden. The site authors are based in the Netherlands, where they have created a Zen karesansui garden named TSUBO-EN. This site discusses how to create and maintain such a garden. Tsubo-en is a Japanese Zen garden of the karesansui type, that means a dry landscape rock garden. The architecture design, construction and build are done all by ourselves. We also do all of the maintenance. Tsubo-en is a garden that can be regarded as a form of impressionistic art. This means that it is a so called dry landscape garden where water is symbolized by sand, gravel or stone and other miniature elements.

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