Be a Nature Steward: Landscape Gardening

The nature lovers often dream of rising with the dawn, surrounded by chirping birds and listening to the sound of flowing water. The dream can be chased. You can have your own landscape garden at the backyard of your house and feel close in the arms of Mother Nature.

Landscape gardens not only make your house look beautiful but also bring many positive energies at your door steps, as many experts says. Gardening is an art of meditation. It is a way of preserving greenery. For many elderly people, homemakers and nature admirers, landscape gardening is the best way of spending their time. Many people familiar with the basics of plants and fertilisers, makes this hobby a profession.

So as to develop a garden at your place, a little planning is required. First step would be deciding about the area you want to allot for gardening. If you are doing the job by yourself, you should be equipped and familiar with the garden tools.

Pre decide the plants and bulbs you want in your garden. For a blossoming garden, a correct choice of seasonal and perennial flowers as well as proper fertilizers has to be made. Moreover, one should acquire knowledge about the basic requirements of each plant like when and how to water, when to put medicines and fertilizers etc. so that the plants dwell well in the garden. Depending upon the sun and shade requirements of the plants, choose a proper place for them in your garden. If you are not that familiar with the subject, it is always advisable to appoint a professional landscape gardener who will give you the desired results while saving a lot of your time.

Once the bulbs are planted, the garden can be further decorated using accessories like bird houses, bird feeders, bird baths etc thus inviting many families of these colourful creatures to your backyard. Other collections like garden gates, fences, plant stands etc further enhances the look of your favourite hang out. If water supply and space is not a problem then fountains and artificial ponds make your landscape accomplished. A swing set in this part of your house promise some most cherished moments with your close ones.

Admiring the butterflies over the fresh buds is something you always wanted to do, but do not forget about the biting insects that come along. While in the garden, do not forget to wear your insects repelling accessories. Do apply your suntan cream and wear your sunglasses if you are motherly treating your plants.

Joanna is a well renowned Polish Journalist specialising in Polish, Russian and English translation services. She has been residing in th UK for 3 years where she has made her home among the Polish community in Tooting, South West London.

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