EU Pig Prices: Price Level Almost Steady

images (12) EU – Like last week, the steady pricing phase continues in the European slaughter pig markets.

After a five-weeks period of steady prices, Spain alone had to accept a slight fall in prices equivalent to 2 euro cents. All other countries remained on an unchanged price level or reported a slight price increase. The pigs auction held in the French region of Brittany last Thursday resulted in another 1.2 cents’ price increase. So the local price increases have been going on for four weeks now.
Adjusted for exchange rate effects, the pig price went up by the equivalent of 2.3 euro cents in Great Britain. Belgium as well reported on another 1 cent plus. The quantities of pigs for slaughter on offer continue to be on an extensive level not only in Germany but in the majority of EU member countries. Yet, they can be placed quite easily everywhere.
Processed meat remains to be sought-after in the meat business. Austria’s slaughter companies complain about cut-price offers made by the German enterprises for ham in particular.
Trend for the German market: At the beginning of the month and with all the expectations for October, the meat producers are in an optimistic mood. The situation of supply and demand currently proves to be well balanced. From today’s point of view, prices are expected to remain steady at least for the upcoming quotation.

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