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Winter wheat yields hold up

images WITH more than half the Recommended List (RL) winter wheat trial results now in, it is clear yields have held up well across most of the country, away from shallow soils in the east, says HGCA.

The first yields are now in from Scotland, averaging 11.1t/ha. However, national yields are still 7 per cent down in 2011 trials, compared with the five-year average.

Conqueror, KWS Santiago and Oakley top the treated yields for Group 4 winter wheat varieties, with 2011 mean ratings of 111, 110 and 109 respectively, but the

untreated yields show a different story, with some varieties not performing as strongly, which could be down to susceptibility to yellow rust, says HGCA senior RL manager Dr Simon Oxley.

Group 4 variety Stigg tops the scales for untreated yield, performing particularly well at the Teeside site. Of the candidates, KWS Solo has performed well on yield both in treated and untreated trials.

Changes are likely to be made to Stigg’s brown rust resistance scores, following the recent discovery of a new race of the disease affecting the variety. This will be of greatest concern in the east; less so in the north and west, where Stigg’s septoria tritici resistance will make it a lower input variety as far as fungicides are concerned.

Harvest progress

With harvest almost at an end in the south, but large areas of wheat still left to cut in the north and Scotland, ADAS puts harvest progress close to, or slightly ahead of, average, with winter wheat yields averaging 7.5-7.7t/ha, just below the long term average of 7.8t/ha. There is a great deal of local variation, with yield reports ranging from two to 13t/ha, says ADAS.


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