French wheat, corn output revised up on good summer

download (9) PARIS (Commodity Online): The good summer growing conditions has raised the expectations of the Wheat and Cornoutput in France.
In August, the forecast for the wheat crop had been raised to 500,000 tons and further raised to 1 million tons on Wednesday by farm ministry; now the total estimates has touched 33.5 million tons. The Farm Ministry has also raised the forecast of corn by 800,000 tons to 14.1 million tons.
The yield is said to be 10 ton per hectare this season against 9 tons per hectare last season as per Consultancy Arvalis. This would be a record!!
In 2010, the total wheat crop output of the country was less than 30 million tons as worst drought hit the crop areas which resulted in damage of 2.2 million tons.
Meanwhile, the rainfall in July had boosted the Wheat crop in UK and the harvest was expected in range of 14.6 million and 14.8 million tons, which is more than expected by growers.
Other parts of the Europe had experienced mixed results due to variance in weather conditions.
According to the German Farm Co-operative Association, the wheat forecast there has been reduced by 900,000 tons to 40.3 million tons due to wet weather damaging crops which was already weakened by dry weather in May and June.

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