Glanbia leads way with 2011 final harvest prices for green grain

download (1) GLANBIA brought clarification to the grain market yesterday as the first major grain buyer to announce its 2011 final harvest prices for green (20% moisture) grain.

Glanbia will pay €164.11 for spring feed barley (€156 per tonne plus VAT of 5.2%); €174.63 for Saffron/Cassia winter contract barley (€166 plus VAT); €172.53 for feed wheat (€164 plus VAT); and €174.63 for equine contract oats (€166 plus VAT).
Glanbia has also announced that, similar to previous years, it will contract dry and store feed barley and wheat for growers who wish to sell their grain later, based on the dried feed grain markets.
The group’s 2011 prices are 4.4% ahead of 2010 for feed wheat and 5.7% ahead for the other grains.
However, IFA national grain committee chairman Noel Delany said yesterday that significant price increases for fuel, fertiliser and seed costs have negated any price rise achieved this harvest.
He advised growers to "do their sums" before growing 2012 crops which are currently priced at €12 to €14 per tonne below current prices.
IFA president John Bryan said a relentless upward spiral in the prices of the main farming materials, such as fertiliser, energy and feed, is eroding commodity price gains.
"Fertiliser prices on a year to date basis are up by over 30%, with the prospect of further rises for the coming season. Fuel prices have also increased dramatically, with current tractor diesel prices up by over 25% on this time last year."
He said pig, poultry and horticulture producers have been hit hardest, because prices for their products have not kept pace with rising costs.
IFA has advised grain growers that their wheat is €10/tonne cheaper than imported grain, and this price advantage has opened an export opportunity into the North for feed grain from the Republic.

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