Mawashi to import 70,000 sheep from Iran

download (16) DOHA: Qatar Meat and Livestock Company (Mawashi) has been permitted by Iran to import sheep despite the ban imposed for other countries, reported an Arabic daily yesterday.

Mawashi will import 70,000 sheep from Iran and a delegation will visit there soon to check the quality and finalise the price for sheep, said Dafaullah Abdul Ghani, Acting Director of Abattoirs Department of the Company.

The company has been granted permission to import sheep despite Iran’s ban on sheep export. Mawashi earlier imported 4,000 Syrian and Jordanian sheep on subsidized price at the end of the holy month of Ramadan following an initiative by the Consumer Protection Department to import more sheep. And 3,000 subsidized sheep imported were sold by end Ramadan, said Ghani.

The subsidized Syrian sheep meat is sold at all Mawashi butcheries for QR 41 and Jordanian Sheep meat for QR 45.

Mawashi sold 1,25,000 slaughtered sheep and cows during Ramadan imported from Australia, Syria, Jordan and Somalia, in addition to frozen meat imported from Pakistan and Sudan, a 40 percent increase compared to the last year. Approximately 34,000 imported sheep from Syria and Jordon have been sold since July 23, said Ghani.

A total of 100,000 sheep and goats have been slaughtered at all abattoirs of the company in addition to camels and cows during Ramdan which is a remarkable increase compared to last year. A slew of changes in the policies has improved the performance of the company and helped to meet the growing demands of local market.

Ghani also said that the company is fully prepared to provide with enough quantity of animals for Eid Al Adha and held workshop to ensure the preparation for this great occasion.

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