Amira basmati rice hits Qatari market

tải xuống (17) Doha: As part of its product launch in GCC, the global basmati brand Amira has made its foray in qatari super markets with the world’s finest quality basmati rice ‘Amira pure’ along with longest basmati ‘Amira indigo’ and with a category of economy pack basmati ‘Amira good length’ for connoisseurs in search for the best basmati rice.

"The product is now available in all the leading stores in Qatar with all pack sizes and promo campaigns", said Iqbal Hameed, sales manager of Amira Foods, GCC operations.

‘Amira pure’ is  the finest grains of pure traditional basmati. Grains that have been matured for 18 months and doubles in size when cooked, making for an ample portion size. Rich in taste, with a tantalizing aroma. Ideally recommended for white rice preparations, or a lightly garnished rice dish.

‘Amira indigo’ is a basmati variety that has been specially developed to offer superlative cooking properties. It has a grain-length that´s almost 2.5 times longer than pure basmati. When cooked, ‘Amira good length’s long and slender grains turn dazzling white and fluffy. The cooked rice has a very pleasing texture, as the grains stand distinct and stay separate.

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