Britain’s bumper crop of blackberries may predict harsh winter ahead

article-1315210249799-0DB485CC00000578-75879_466x310 A record breaking warm spring and cool summer has led to crops of Britain’s berries, seeds and fruits swelling this autumn – but is this a sign of a cold winter to come?

The bumper crop, which is being enjoyed by fruit pickers across the country, comes as leaves are starting to show their autumn colours.

Matthew Oates from the National Trust said that autumn has come several weeks early this year.

A warmer than average and dry spring gave plants a longer period for pollination than usual.

This, teamed with a wet and cloudy summer, created perfect conditions for a swell in fruit, with bumper crops and juicier berries. 

Tradition suggests that a large crop of berries is a sign of a harsh winter ahead.

This year was the warmest spring on record, leading to concerns about possible droughts in parts of the country during the summer months.

The fears were washed away in August as the country received 126% of its normal monthly rainfall.

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