Landscape ? Selecting The Right Things

Once you are more or less satisfied with the design of your garden and the landscape, you now have to get rid of those weeds which are an eyesore and also not good for your garden.

The garden weeds are a nuisance and will come in the way of the healthy growth of those plants which have so lovingly selected for the landscape.  Just like the plants, these weeds also create their own space and grow in the garden.  The nutritious soil will not only feed the ornamental plants but also the weeds.  This means that even those weeds will thrive on the nutrition, water and sunlight which the plants use for their growth.

So then how can one get rid of the weeds or atleast ensure that they are under control.  The very thought of having to remove the weeds one after the other is time consuming and tedious.  Sunlight is the best way to get rid of weeds.  When you turn the soil by hand, the weeds get buried and will also not thrive.  You may use a small roottiller for turning the soil.  If you want to ensure that the efforts and money you have spent in designing your landscape is not destroyed, you need to maintain your garden and ensure that the weeds do not grow.  Keep repeating the procedure of turning the soil so that the weeds dry out and eventually die.

Covering the beds with mulch is another way of preventing growth of weeds.  However, if you use organic mulch, it will rot and become a healthy growth for more weeds to grow.  When this happens, you only need to add more mulch.  Introducing the black plastic or weed control fabric is not the recommended option.  If you want to maintain a good landscape, never introduce something which does not get decomposed into the soil naturally.

Another attractive landscape idea is that of rock landscaping.  This lends a rustic and natural look to the garden and your property at large.  In the olden days of kings and emperors, this method of landscape was adopted and the palaces looked really good and attractive.  Many cities are now adopting landscape gardens as they beautify the city and is also healthy for the environment.

Many property owners are now becoming aware of the concept of landscape décor.  Like mentioned earlier, stone landscaping is maintenance free and also enhances the look of the property.  You may want to choose from small pebbles to specially designed stones for recreating the magic of landscape.  Some of the stones used in this are creek rocks, fieldstone, flagstone, limestone, blue stones and also large slabs.  This type of landscaping is found in recreational areas, trails, ponds, gardens, parks, camping sites and so on.  You may also want to combine this form of landscaping with natural lush green plants for adding to the overall décor.  This trend will always remain for years to come.

Dayton lawn service ensures that the landscape of your lawn is well maintained through regular care using a combination of conventional and modern methods.

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