USDA says Nebraska crops progressing nicely

tải xuống (2) LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — The U.S. Department of Agriculture says Nebraska’s two main crops of corn and soybeans appear to be in good shape.

The USDA released its weekly report on crop conditions Monday. It said temperatures had warmed up again and were averaging about 4 degrees above normal last week, but the crops were progressing well.

About 77 percent of the corn crop rated in either good or excellent condition. That’s above the average at this time of year of 73 percent good or excellent, but it’s below last year’s 81 percent good or excellent.

The USDA says about 82 percent of the soybean crop is in good or excellent shape. That’s better than the average of 70 percent good or excellent and last year’s rating of 76 percent.

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