Sunderland £400,000 cannabis farm revealed

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A CANNABIS farm worth £400,000 has been busted during a raid.

Officers stormed the Millfield house during a morning raid on Wednesday and discovered about 500 cannabis plants inside.

There was no one inside the Chester Street West house at the time of the raid and police are still hunting for the farmers behind the drug den.

Officers remained at the house throughout the day looking for evidence and removing the drugs and growing equipment.

Residents were shocked when they discovered drugs were being grown on their doorstep.

Sam Dowber, 38, said: “I went out to walk to the shops and saw a load of police at the top of the street.

“I knew there was something big going on because there was a lot of commotion.

“The police were there pretty much all day taking boxes out and other things and putting them in cars and vans.

“You hear and read about these drug dens all the time but it’s certainly a surprise when there’s one just outside your house.

“You don’t expect it.”

A woman living on neighbouring Eldon Street, who did not want to be named, added: “I still can’t believe it. “The curtains were always closed in that house and you never see anyone coming or going.”

Northumbria Police are warning drug farmers that tough action will be taken against them.

Acting Neighbourhood Inspector Mick Hall said: “Officers have seized a substantial amount from cannabis farms.

“We’re carrying out extensive inquiries to find whoever is responsible for this cannabis farm and make sure they’re arrested and put before the courts.

“This raid should act as a warning to anyone involved in illegal drugs that we are taking robust action against them and will continue to do so.”


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