Landscaping Lighting And It’s Importance In Home Landscaping Design

Landscaping is an extremely important aspect of outdoor home improvement. Landscaping if done with careful planning can add tremendous value to your home. However landscaping is not just about planting plants and creating greenery around your home yard. Lighting, water supply and other accessories are equally important in home landscaping Outdoor lighting plays a vital role in outdoor home improvement.

There are two basic purposes why lighting in landscaping areas is extremely important.

1) Security of the home surroundings
2) Enhancing the existing landscaping with special purpose lighting.

Outdoor lighting makes your home yard safe and also makes it easier to use it during night hours. A well-lit home yard will keep the trespassers away fro the fear of being caught.

Many times special purpose lighting is done using flood lights, spot light to enhance certain areas of the landscaping garden to add visual qualities. Apart from using lighting for visual pleasure it is very commonly used along the pathways in a garden. This is typically done for walkways those conect areas into indoors of the garden.

Adding light posts at regular intervals can add not just enough value but also interesting spots. I most cases these lighting consumes electricity however now the modern solar landscaping light s are becoming more popular amongst homeowners.

Solar landscaping lights save lots of energy by reducing electricity bills. However using these lights require careful planning because they need enough direct sunlight to store in the form of electricity which can be consumed during night hours.

If a landscaping garden has a water fountain then lighting can be used to create dramatic effects with the help of color lights. Rock gardens is a common place where such kind of light are used.

Many times landscaping lights are inserted into the compound wall for general-purpose lighting so that they can define the boundary of the plot surrounding the home building. These lights can be used of low voltage that consume low electricity and are covered with rain protecting glass so that they last longer.

If you are planning a lighting project in your garden it is necessary to start it in the early stages of planning. This is because the electrical wiring in most cases is buried underground.

Creating an electrical layout during early stages of planning helps to save lots of time and money. There are several services running in a garden such as electrical, plumbing etc. All these services must run independent of each other in such a way that hey do not interfere with each other even during repair work. Landscaping lighting can add tremendous value to your garden if planned carefully and with a definite purpose. Overuse of lights must be avoided in the garden due to the obvious reason of more electricity consumption.

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