Prices of livestock fixed for Eid

tải xuống (5) With just a few days to go for Eid al Fitr when the consumption of meat increases, the Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP) has fixed the price of Australian livestock at RO85 for the slaughter house in Muscat and at RO90 for other wilayats.

The Ministry of Agriculture will be responsible for ensuring that the livestock is disease-free. "Usually the ones imported from Australia are of high standard," a senior official at the slaughterhouse told Muscat Daily.

To check dumping of slaughter waste in roadside bins, people will not be allowed to take the carcasses home to cut.

Also, veterinarians at the slaughter house will monitor livestock before slaughter and also check the meat. Additional trash trucks will be deployed to ensure faster clean-up.

A team of veterinarians usually accompanies livestock in ships from the countries of import, carrying out regular check-ups.

Livestock from Somalia are kept at the Port of Salalah for 21 days after arrival and monitored continuously. They are sent to the slaughter house only if found to be free of diseases.


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