KBP demands WHT abolition on cotton trade

images (2) Lahaore—The Kisan Board, Pakistan (KBP), welcoming the withdrawal of levy of withholding tax on trade of cotton, has urged the government to abolish it from trade of other agricultural commodities to save the agri sector from destruction.
KBP President Zafar Hussein and General Secretary Muhammad Ramazan Rohari in a joint statement issued here on Friday appreciated the government step of withdrawing levy of withholding tax on sale/purchase of cotton. They said although late but still it was a welcoming decision taken by the government. However, the growers’ representatives also demanded abolition of this levy from trading of all the agricultural commodities.
The KBP leaders alleged that agricultural economy was already near death due to skyrocketing prices of fertiliser, diesel, pesticides and other agricultural inputs. Levy of further taxes on this sector would totally ruin the farmers. They claimed that the buyers had drastically reduced the prices of agricultural commodities due to levy of withholding tax due to which growers were finding it hard to even meet their input cost.

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