Landscape gardening- creating and maintaining the greenery

The art of designing, creating and maintaining the greenery and green areas is commonly known as the landscape gardening. A house looks like a paradise if it is surrounded by a beautiful, well maintained garden. If you want to lend that beautiful look to your garden, you can do it yourself or take the services of professional landscape gardeners.

It is very important for a gardener to know the basics of landscape gardening. A landscaping project may involve understanding the client’s needs and tastes, closely working with architect, preparing ground for planting, transplanting the nursery stock, deciding over the species of plants, designing basics and more.

Knowledge of the certain specific elements of landscape designing is important to create a design which works and sustains. Understanding these landscaping basics is not difficult and you will learn gradually when you start working over a project.


Whatever the design, you should ensure that there should be unity among the various elements. Consistency and repetition in shapes, colours, heights, and numbers can easily bring that element of unity in your garden. In the same way, symmetry is another way to enhance unity.

Balance and Harmony

Keeping balance and harmony among various styles, species and styles is important. Having one plant or flower in abundance and other in scarcity creates imbalance. Balance in colours, shapes, sizes and heights is important to keep the general balance.


Try to keep the design simple to have a neat look. It does not mean that you have limited options of designs and patterns. Avoid usage of large number of colours or types of plants or more. Usage of more colours or plant species confuses the eyes and creates disorder.

Create a Focal point

Create a central idea and expand your design around it. It is very important to have a central theme. You can use something like fountains, special tree, bush or statues.

These are some basics of landscape gardening which can be used in designing any kind of garden whether small or large.

Let us share some tips for landscape gardening.

First task is to prepare your land which you intend to use for gardening. Remove unwanted stuff like small trees and shrubs which you do not want. If you want to keep some but move somewhere else, spray them with “Wiltpruf”. This should be done one day before you want to move them.

You would also need tools like saw blades, shovels, trimmers and cleaning pruners. Keep them near you, at an easily accessible position.

You should have plan about your landscape garden. You should know exactly what you want from this project. You should have flexible approach. If you have an existing landscape, take notes of what do you like and what you do not like.

If you follow these basic tips and ideas, your landscape gardening project would give you best results.

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