Wheat Trade Will Boost Rail Transit

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Wheat transportation from Kazakhstan to Persian Gulf states will improve Iran’s railroad transit in light of deals reached with neighboring states for using the country’s transit potentials, said managing director of Islamic Republic of Iran Railways.
Abdol-Ali Saheb-Mohammadi explained that the route for wheat transit stretches from Sarakhs border (northeast) to Bandar Abbas (south), Fars News Agency reported.
The government has also drawn up special plans for wheat swap, he said without providing further details.
Underlining that Islamic Republic of Iran Railways is ready to expand cargo transit, he said facilities such as shunting yard would be set up at Shahid Rajaee Port in the Persian Gulf. This, he added, will also facilitate fuel supply and transfer via railroad network.
In addition, the strategic Bafq-Bandar Abbas Railroad is being completed with the aim of speeding up cargo transit, he said.
He continued that promoting transit and international corridor is seriously pursued by the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways. Saheb-Mohammadi revealed that Sarakhs-Bandar Abbas Railroad has shortened the existing route by 800 kilometers.
Fixed Tariffs
Railroad tariffs have not changed for the last seven years, he pointed out. Currently, Iran’s tariffs are lower compared with those of regional nations in order to attract more transit, he mentioned.
Meanwhile, deputy head of Islamic Republic of Iran Railways announced that all wagons of this entity will be handed over to private sector within two months.
Babak Ahmadi said currently, the company owns only 3,500 wagons, IRNA reported.
He recalled that the entity owned 22,000 wagons prior to privatization. Since privatization, close to 18,000 wagons have been transferred to 28 private companies in recent years, he pointed out.


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