Grain harvest nears conclusion

images (3) As the 2011 main grain harvest grinds towards a conclusion in the South West comes news that upcountry the UK’s commercial wheat yield record has been broken.

Group 3 wheat varieties are rarely promoted as potential record breakers, but a 14.3 tonnes per hectare crop of Invicta, bred by Limagrain UK has been harvested by David Hoyles, of Linconshire

He said: "As I started work on the field, I saw continuous flashes of red coming up on the yield mapper and at some stages I thought that the combine would stall as the crop was so thick."

Though clearly our Westcountry yields have been more modest, growers are reporting better-than-expected results, given the dry Spring and consequent earlier projections of thin crops.

The last week had mixed weather conditions, with most of the region fairly dry, but overcast, and the west showery, which clearly had implications for the amount of harvesting possible, but farmers were generally more interested in getting on with it, balancing moisture levels and time in thje drier against loss of quality

Good progress was made with the wheat harvest, bringing the overall area harvested up to over half by the end of the week.

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