Starving cattle put down on West Coast

images (6) Dozens of starving and dying cattle have been put down at a West Coast farm and the remaining stock sent to other farms, amid allegations of severe neglect.

Lake Brunner Station, about 25km inland from Greymouth, was cleared of stock over the past week following complaints at the weekend of animals being malnourished, the Greymouth Star reported.

The station was a dry stock and dairy grazing property, which was stocked with about 1000 head of cattle by its leaseholders.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry confirmed between 30 and 40 animals had been put down because they were too sick to be transported.

Director of compliance and enforcement Geoff Allen said the entire property was being de-stocked as a result, and MAF personnel had been on site for a week dealing with the issues.

A decision had not yet been made on whether to prosecute, which could be several months away.

”We will move on to that once the animals are off the property.”

The cattle were being moved to other farms on the West Coast.

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