Japan confirms finding slight radiation in Hokota rice

tải xuống (5) TOKYO (Commodity Online) : Japan on Friday confirmed finding small amount of radioactive cesium in Rice grown in the city of Hokota, Ibaraki Prefecture, some 150 kilometers southwest of the crisis-hit Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

According to Ibaraki prefectural government, a pre-harvest preliminary check showed that the amount of radioactive cesium detected came to 52 becquerels per kilogram of raw rice, a figure far below the government-set allowable level of 500 becquerels.

Previously, very low levels of radioactive cesium had been detected in Rice hulls and raw rice grown in the cities of Tsukuba and Joso, both in Ibaraki Prefecture.

The amounts came to less than 20 becquerels, a figure that can be treated as ”not detectable,” city governments there said earlier, reported Kyodo.


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