Address: 15- Road 6 – Song Than 1 Industrial zone, Binh Duong Province Vietnam
Phone: (84-650) 3790201-3790203     

Fax: (84-650) 3790210    

Website: www.highlanddragon.com.vn

Company introduction

Highland Dragon is registered with the US FDA, is HACCP accredited and EU approved ( DH149 ). The operation is based on the use of top quality, fresh and frozen raw material. Fish are sourced mainly from import and local fishing fleets that work up and down the extensive coastline of this fast developing nation.
Present factory capacity is over 1500 tonnes per month, but this could easily be expanded to meet future demands. The plant has the capability to pack to standard specifications, in various can sizes, for both food service and retail sale. Highland Dragon can produce chunks, flakes and solid packs in brine, broth or oil. The plant can also custom pack to meet different market or customer requirements. Retail packs are available with standard or easy – open ends. For products packed in oil, Highland Dragon uses Soya, Sunflower or Olive oil with "GMO Free" certification.
Our main products:
– Canned Tuna
– Canned Sardines
– Canned Mackerel
– Frozen Tuna Loins
Other services :
– Contract Packing
– Regional Consultanncy
– Factory Audits

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