Pruning Bonsai

Pruning Bonsai.

Wondering how to go about pruning bonsai????

Well we have the answer you are looking for. If you are a bonsai expert then you would already be aware that pruning bonsai is one of the most important aspects of growing bonsai trees. And if you are a beginner then prepare your self to start on an arduous but exciting learning process of how to go about pruning bonsai.

Pruning bonsai is important as it ensures that your bonsai plant stays in proper shape and looks beautiful. A combination of leaf and root pruning makes the plant grow with the realms of the bonsai pot thus enabling it to stay small for the entirety of its life. Hence it becomes of paramount importance for every bonsai enthusiast to have a good hold on this technique.

Although there are some specific guidelines for pruning bonsai, but this would vary across plant varieties. So it is important to understand that pruning of a flowering bonsai tree would be different than the pruning of a non flowering one. Furthermore every species have there own appropriate time, when they react best to pruning.

In order to ensure that you make a good job out of pruning bonsai, it would not be out of place to spend some time on having the right set of tools to assist you in your activity, and it is also advisable to have the best tools you can afford for pruning bonsai.


 Here we list down some of the basic tools that you could consider having.


Trimming Shears :  These are special kind of scissors which allow you to cut delicate branches with precision. And at that same time can help you with root trimming exercise as well.


Wire Cutter : One of the other important activities associated with pruning bonsai is the wiring exercise .This helps you to mould your bonsai enabling it to grow in a specific style. You need to have proper bonsai wire and wire cutters to help you succeed in wiring your bonsai. Choose a wire cutter which has the sharp edge at the tip of the tool and not near the hinge, as it will make your job easier.


Root Hook :  This is a very commonly used tool for pruning bonsai. It help to comb out tough, entangled roots so that you could prune or trim them easily. It becomes easier with a root hook to clean out clay from the roots.


Branch Cutter: Ensure that you buy a good branch cutter for pruning bonsai, as this will help you in incurring minimal damage to your plant. Pruning of branches is very stress full on the plant and when done with improper tools will result in scars which would take a long time to heal.



Pruning saws:  This is another important tool for pruning bonsai. It will assist you in cutting down tough branches. Invest on a saw which would cut the branch on the pull stroke rather than the push stroke as it is safer this way, both for you as well as the bonsai plant.


There are several other tools that you could use… we have just highlighted some of the most important ones which would go a long way in helping you for pruning bonsai.

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