Iowa corn rating dips slightly

tải xuống (10) The percentage of Iowa’s corn crop rated good to excellent by the U.S. Department of Agriculture dipped slightly from 75 percent a week ago to 73 percent for the week ending Sunday.

The good to excellent condition rating for soybeans dropped from 76 percent last week to 75 percent in the latest report.

“Soybean aphid populations have warranted spraying in many areas and Goss’ wilt has been reported in some corn fields in central to north central Iowa,” the USDA said.

While the extreme heat of the first half of last week have abated, Iowa continues to be dry.

“The statewide average precipitation was 0.50 inch or a little more than one-half of the weekly normal of 0.94 inch,” State Climatologist Harry Hillaker said Monday.

Iowa endured one of its hottest July in history this year, giving rise to fears that the crop would not pollinate properly. Farmers in central and southern Iowa reported lower kernel counts and smaller ear populations.

Iowa’s corn is behind schedule for the dough stage, or the period  24 to 28 days after silking when the kernel’s milky inner fluid changes to a firmer consistency as starch accumulation continues in the endosperm.

The USDA said 19 percent of Iowa’s corn is at dough stage, compared to 34 percent last year and 39 percent for the five-year average.

Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey said “hopefully the more seasonable weather forecast for this week will benefit crops stressed by the heat.”

The National Weather Service forecasts high temperatures in the upper 70s for the most of the week for Iowa, but with little chance for rain until Thursday and Friday.

Iowa good to excellent ratings were still ahead of several other states. Illinois reported 50 percent good to excellent; Indiana 41 percent; Missouri 42 percent and Ohio 50 percent. Meanwhile Nebraska and Wisconsin reported 79 percent good to excellent and Minnesota 74 percent.

The USDA will report on supply and demand conditions Thursday. Meanwhile commodity markets were more concerned Monday with the panicky selloff in all markets.

Corn was down 17 cents per bushel to $6.75. Soybeans fell 22 cents per bushel to $13.09 and wheat was down 22 cents to $6.56.


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