Corn crop didn’t lose ground last week

tải xuống (9) Despite unseasonably warm weather in much of the country last week, the condition of the corn crop did not lose ground.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s “Crop Progress” report released Monday afternoon, 15 percent of the crop in the top 18 corn-producing states is in excellent condition and 45 percent is in good condition. That is pretty much the same as the previous week, when 16 percent was excellent and 46 percent was good.

But at this same time last year. 23 percent of the corn was in excellent shape and 48 percent was in good shape.

Wisconsin had the largest percentage of corn in excellent shape at 27 percent, followed by Iowa and Michigan, both at 22 percent.

It was pretty much the same story for soybeans. For the week ending Aug. 7, 13 percent of the crop was in excellent shape and 48 percent was in good shape. That compares to 14 percent in excellent shape the previous week and 46 percent in good shape.


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