Authorities urged to monitor vegetable prices at the wholesale market

tải xuống (8) DOHA: The Consumer Protection Department has been urged to take strict  steps to control vegetable sales and prices at the wholesale market, reported an Arabic daily yesterday.

Vendors at the wholesale market refuse to sell certain vegetables to retail customers and some are sold at very high prices, customers complain.

Many customers complain that the vendors refuse to sell zucchini, pumpkins and beans to retail customers and these vegetables are sold to wholesale buyers at fixed prices.

"Some vendors at wholesale market misuse the high demand for certain vegetables during the month of Ramadan and they also increase the prices," said a customer. 

"They try to create a high demand for vegetables like zucchini and pumpkins. They sell to wholesale buys at fixed prices and keep only fewer amounts of vegetables to be sold for retail customers," said another customer.

The Arabic daily also reported that some customers end in arguments with vendors, while shopping for vegetables at the wholesale market. A box of beans is being sold at QR30 and zucchini at QR40 but tomatoes and cucumber are sold at lower prices.

However, last week vendors in the wholesale market said that there has hardly been any increase in the prices of fresh fruits and vegetables this Ramadan due to the strict government control over retail pricing.

Official control over retail prices of fruits and vegetables is such that some fruits and vegetables are more expensive in the wholesale market than in retail.


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