FYR Macedonia’s grain production is expected to reach about 300.000 tones this year

tải xuống (16) Providing 40,000 tones of wheat for stock reserves, conditioning the import of one kg of flour by purchasing at least four kilos of domestic wheat, tightening the control of mills and bakeries, as well as wine cellars are the new measures, adopted by FYR Macedonia’s government at their session. The FYR Macedonia government put the Stock Reserves Agency in charge of opening a public bid in seven days at latest for procurement of 40,000 tones of wheat, the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, Ljupco Dimovski, said Sunday at a press conference. "In favor of stabilizing the domestic wheat market, the government has decided in the next three months to condition the import of 1kg of flour with purchasing of 4kg of domestic wheat," Dimovski said. In addition to controlling the wheat procurement, the State Agriculture Inspectorate will also supervise the mills, namely register the purchased quantities of wheat for flour production. "In order to prevent the illegal production of bread, the government has obliged the State Inspectorate to tighten the control of all bakeries across the country," Dimovski said. The State Agriculture Inspectorate will also launch additional control of wine cellars in line with the changes to the Law on Wine, the Minister said. This year FYR Macedonia’s grain production is expected to reach about 300.000 tones.


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