Address: 9 Nguyen Kim Street, Ward 12, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
Phone: +84 367 680383      Fax: +84 367 680382     Website: www.idiseafood.com

Company introduction

International Development and Investment Corporation (IDI Corporation) is a company of SAO MAI group.
IDI specializes in such a wide scope of business as: Investing and trading in real estate, infrastructure of industrial, residential and superior urban zones. – Constructing houses for sale and for long-term lease.
– Developing tourism projects.
– Building civil, industrial, traffic and irrigation construction projects.
– Farming, processing and exporting frozen aquatic products.
Recently, IDI has been restructuring its economy and expanding its operation into another new industry with great potentials– farming, processing and exporting frozen seafood items. With the establishment of three seafood processing factories on a large scale in Vam Cong Industrial Park, Lap Vo District, ng Thap Province, IDI is making gigantic efforts to become the largest corporation of Vietnam in the sector of processing seafood for export, particularly products from Tra and Basa fish.
Presently, factory No1 has been completed and has conducted its operations since the first quarter of 2008. Factory No2 and factory No3 are expected to come into operation in mid and late 2009. Every factory has an average capacity of 600 tons of input materials per day. Hence, total capacity of the three factories will reach 1.800 tons of input materials per day.
So as to ensure good operation for the factories, the Corporation has invested in constructing many supporting workshops like by-product processing workshop, package workshop, aquatic feed processing workshop… etc. Modern and advanced technology is, especially, introduced in the seafood farming workshop. This will provide approximately fifty per cent of a sustainable supply of input materials for the three factories and cater high demand of customers both in qualitative and quantitative.

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