Agriculture continues to be the South’s advantage

images (2) At a recent conference in HCM City, authorities from the city and Mekong Delta provinces said that agriculture remains the region’s strong point and called for more investment in local agriculture.

The July 26 conference on promoting agricultural investment in HCM City and Mekong Delta provinces was attended by representatives from ministries and more than 200 domestic and foreign businesses.

The appeal was made for investment in creating high-tech agricultural production zones, developing post-harvest processing and preservation, and scientific research towards breakthroughs in agriculture, as well as for building dykes around residential and concentrated agricultural areas.

HCM City will give priority to developing high-tech agriculture.

The southern hub and 13 Mekong Delta provinces and cities boast up to 2.63 million hectares of agrarian land, which accounts for over 27 percent of the country’s total agricultural land and nearly 40 percent of the nation’s agricultural production value.

Proper investment is also being made in the region’s traffic and water resources systems.

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