Agricultural exports rise 33.4% in seven months


Rubber is one of Vietnam’s leading exports. ( Image: VnEconomy )

Among the country’s key agricultural exports, coffee gained the most with a turnover of US$2 billion so far this year, a rise of 92.6% compared to a year ago.

Pepper and rubber followed with year-on-year increases of 70.9% and 68.9%, respectively.

Rice exports in the first seven months also saw a rise in both volume (4.7 million tonnes, up 9.7%) and value (US$2.3 billion, up 10.8%).

The turnover of timber and timber products grew significantly to over US$2.1 billion, up 13.9%, attributed to a strong demand from China and Japan.

Seafood exports in the first seven months soared to US$3.1 billion, a year-on-year rise of 24.8%.

Vietnam has also imported around US$9 billion worth of agricultural products and equipment so far this year, leaving the trade surplus at US$4.9 billion.


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