Nam Hoa Mai Trading – Production Joint Stock Company

hoa-lan Nam Hoa Mai Trading -  Production Joint Stock Company

Trading name: Nam Hoa Mai Corporation

Activity to Bussiness Registration Lisence issued by Department of Planning and Investment  Ho Chi Minh City.

Office: 333B Minh Phung St., Ward 2, Dist.11, Ho Chi Minh City.

Tel:        (08) 39699477   |   39699478   |   39699479

Fax:       (08) 39699476

Email:      info@namhoamai.vn

Website: www.namhoamai.vn


Business areas:

-         Growing and Processing rubber sap.

-         Producing Agricultural – Industrial Tires, Technical Rubber

-         Trading in rubber products, chemical for producing tires.

-         Printing, deal in products for Buddhist.

-         Investing & Developing Green Tourism.

-         Growing & Trading bonsai.

-         Trading inland & foreign travel tours.

-         Trading promoting agency.


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