Delhi High Court puts on hold 1-mn tonne non basmati rice export

tải xuống (1) NEW DELHI: The export of one-million tonne of non-basmati rice, which has been permitted by the Commerce Ministry, has been put on hold after being directed by Delhi High Court. The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) has stated that operation and implementation of the allocation made in terms of Trade Notice of July 27 has been stayed after the order was passed by the High Court.

Recently, Centre has permitted one-million tonne of non-basmati rice exports after witnessing improvement in the domestic supply and consistent prices of the grain. Since April 2008, the export of the rice had been banned.

After the situation has improved this year, the group of ministers had decided to open the exports subject to a cap of one-million tonne. On July 19, DGFT has notified the government’s decision to permit exports and also made allocations of the entire quota to 82 exporters on July 27.


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