Demand for beef to rise during fasting month

tải xuống (5) PEKANBARU: Demand for meat in Pekanbaru, Riau province, is predicted to increase by up to 35 percent ahead of and during Ramadhan, which falls on Aug. 1 this year, as meat consumption typically increases during the fasting month, an official says.
During normal days the city needs 30 cows, or six tons of beef daily. “[Demand] is now already 40 cows a day,” municipal Agriculture and Husbandry Agency head Sentot Djoko Prayitno said on Tuesday.
He added that the demand for beef would further increase drastically prior to the Idul Fitri celebration that marks the end of Ramadhan, during which demand can reach up to 117 cows a day. “In total, Pekanbaru will need up to 1,611 cows during this year’s fasting month,” he said.
He called on the public not to worry about supply, adding that the municipal administration guaranteed demand would be met.


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