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Old field farm seeks manager

pigs Old Field Farm explores the interaction and mutual benefit of art and agricultural practices, where a diversified culture for both plants and animals can thrive. Old Field Farm/Art and Agriculture consists of 160 acres of forest, wild bee pastures, indigenous and cultivated mushrooms, habitat for goats, chickens, pigs, ducks; vegetable and fruit gardens. Integral to the farm is the greenhouse, ceramic studio and painting studio.

Our intention is to transition to having a thoughtful, full-time effort made towards every facet of the vegetable and livestock operation. We are looking for someone full-time who has ample experience (three years at the minimum) overseeing a diverse operation, a solid background in farm record keeping and budgeting, as well as managing farm interns and volunteers. In addition to the Farm Manager, there is a Market Manager who will be coordinating sales of product and our Bootleg Buying Club, held weekly in Manhattan.

We are reviewing all applications from August 1st through September 1st. The position is slated to begin in early September 2011.


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