‘Food Ministry not in favour of allowing extra rice exports immediately’

tải xuống (12) NEW DELHI: Food Ministry is not keen to allow immediate export of the extra quantity of non-basmati rice, said Prof KV Thomas, Food Minister. Just a few days back, after a time gap of more than three years, Centre has given permission to the exports of one million tonnes of non-basmati rice, but has postponed the decision on wheat exports.

Prof Thomas, said, “Let us look at the situation. We have already allowed one million tonne export of non-basmati rice. Let us see the reaction in the market. We will study internal situation and global scenario because tomorrow we cannot import foodgrains. It is difficult.” This statement came in favour of more rice exports after the upward revision in rice production in 2010-11 and also higher stocks in the government godowns.

Recently, the Agriculture Ministry has revised the upward rice output for 2010-11 crop year (July-June) to 95.32-million tonnes as compared to 94.11-million tonnes for the same period.

Moreover, the government godowns have rice stock of 27-million tonnes.


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