Jordan: GAM to boost food safety measures in Ramadan

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AMMAN – The Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) on Monday announced that it will take certain measures during the holy month of Ramadan to ensure the safety of food and sweet dishes.

"Demand on food, sweets and juices increases during Ramadan, so we will make sure that what people consume is healthy," Mervat Mhirat, director of GAM’s health supervision department, told The Jordan Times over the phone yesterday.

Mhirat pointed out that GAM health inspectors will carry out field visits to restaurants in the capital to take samples from meals for laboratory analyses.

Meanwhile, GAM issued different conditions for those wishing to set up Ramadan tents.

Faleh Shamari, director of GAM’s occupational licensing and advertisements department, explained that cafés and restaurants which want to set up Ramadan tents should erect them beside their premises.

He added that these outlets should also provide parking spaces for their clients, pay a JD1,000 deposit to the municipality and pledge to remove the tents within one week after the fasting month, noting that the tents should be approved by the governor.

Shamari indicated that Ramadan tents will open between iftar and close no later than 3:00am.

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