Solid month to month demand for pork, beef

images (2) The monthly cold storage report shows bigger than expected month to month demand for pork and beef, primarily due to strong export demand, but supplies remain well above a year ago.

USDA placed beef in cold storage at 434.51 million pounds, down 5% from last month but up 16% from last year.

Pork came out at 496.627 million pounds, 9% below a month ago but 20% above a year ago.

The closely watched pork belly stocks were down 18% on the month but up 33% on the year at 47.039 million pounds.

Frozen poultry was pegged at 1.266 billion pounds, an increase of 5% from last month and 8% from last year.

Chicken made up the bulk of the total at 750.465 million pounds, 1% below a month ago but 13% above a year ago.

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