Vinacas wants unshelled cashew checks canceled

images (5) HCMC – The Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas) has repeated its request that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development halt quality checks on unshelled cashew imports into Vietnam as regulated by Circular 13 on food safety and hygiene.

According to farm produce and fishery quality agency Nafiqad, no cargo of unshelled cashew imported into Vietnam has ever been denied entry due to food safety reasons.

Companies testing for agricultural export products such as Vinacontrol and Cafecontrol confirmed there is no risk of food safety in unshelled cashew. Thus, the item should not be regulated by Circular 13.

Vinacas also proposed the ministry let them join any future discussions on unshelled cashew.

Six days after Circular 13 took effect, 400 containers of cashew were kept at Cat Lai port for inspection.

Nguyen Thai Hoc, chairman of Vinacas, said countries selling unshelled cashew to Vietnam such as Cambodia, Indonesia, Ghana and the Ivory Coast have not registered with Nafiqad.

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