Today is application deadline for exports of non-basmati rice

tải xuống (10) NEW DELHI: The application deadline for the non basmati rice exports is today, said Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT). Many traders are of the opinion that time given for making applications and get registration for the recently permitted export of one million tonnes of non-basmati rice via private trade has been too short.

According to a statement from DGFT, “Notification was issued on 19th (Tuesday) and e-mails (for application) were to be sent on July 21 (Thursday) and July 22 (Friday). Thus there is at least one clear day as gap between the issue of notification and sending of e-mail. It is important to note that while sending the e-mail, no documents are required. Simple information like IEC number, address/phone/e-mail/fax number of the applicant and quantity he intends to export are needed.”

The registration will be commencing from 28th of this month and it will go up to 18th August. Moreover, three months time has also be given to make exports up to 18th November


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