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Seafood exports increase sharply in first six months

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Seafood exports surged by 28 percent to US$2.58 billion in the first quarter of the year compared to last year’s period, despite difficulties caused by bad weather and the increasing cost of input materials, said experts. Exports to most markets such as the EU, the US, the Republic of Korea, ASEAN, Mexico, and Canda experienced sharp rise of 23-68 percent. Shrimp exports topped the list with an increase of 17.5 percent in volume and 36 percent in value, followed by tra fish and tuna.
Although it is forecast that the global economy will still face difficulties, 2011 seafood exports are likely to reach US$5 billion.
In order to increase export revenues in the second half of the year, the seafood sector will invest more in producing key products such as shrimp, tra fish, tuna, and mollusc.
It will also continue to promote trade, advertise Vietnamese seafood abroad, and strengthen product quality and food safety inspections.
The Directorate of Fisheries will also propose that related ministries and agencies and the government increase investment to develop the sector.


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