4717_Logo_543_Logo VINH NGUYEN CO., LTD.

Address: Office address: Lot 16A9-1 Tra Noc Industrial Zone I, Binh Thuy District, Can Tho City, Viet Nam.
Phone: + 84 939 983 080       

Website: vinhnguyenseafoods.com.vn

Company introduction

Vinh Nguyen co., ltd is a dynamic company operating in Vietnam aquatic product industry and known as a specialist in the fields of farming, processing, exporting, and importing seafood product.
Our company is located in Tra Noc industrial zone in Can Tho city in Mekong Delta – one of regions in Vietnam which has the richest aquatic product source.
The company has a new seafood processing factory with all modern equipments meeting requirements of food safety and sanitary. It has the capacity of 60 tons raw material per day. Two mills for by-product and fish feeds, 20 cold trucks and a chain of pangasius farms.
Vinh Nguyen’s high quality products have joined markets all over the world. With a constantly developed and maintained quality policy, we have got trusts of partners throughout the world.
Business type
1 Exporting – importing seafood
2 Culturing aquatic products
3 Processing fish feeds and by-product
4 Transportation service for frozen finished products
5 Cold store for rent
Items for seafood trading:
+ Pangasius hypophthalmus
– Frozen pangasius hypophthalmus fillet
– Frozen Pangasius Slices
– Frozen Pangasius Skewers
– Frozen Pangasius Stripped
+ Shrimp
Black tiger, Cat tiger, Pink, Scampi, White and Vanamei:
Packing: HOSO, HLSO, PD, PUD, Butterfly … IQF or Block
+ Squid, cuttle fish; octopus: Whole clean, Gutted, Fillet, Ring…
2 IQF freezing belts : capacity: 1000 kgs/h
6 contact freezers : capacity: 50 tons/day
4 cold storages : contain capacity: 500 tons

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