VN, Mexico to foster team-work in agriculture

tải xuống (3) Vietnam and Mexico have concluded to enhance shared team-work in cultivation in a future.

The agreement was done during a new assembly between Vietnamese Ambassador to Mexico Le Thanh Tung and Mexican Minister of Agriculture,
Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (Sagarpa), Francisco Mayorga.

During a meeting, both sides have made positive comment on advantages and potentials for agricultural development towards signing an agreement for closer team-work between the dual countries in this field.

Minister Tung said that Mexico can learn about rubber and coconut trees flourishing and processing record from Vietnam while Mexico can assistance Vietnam with tact fish. In addition, a dual sides can share practice in shrimp tact for trade and producing rural machinery.

Mayorga highlighted a significance of strengthening cooperative relations between Mexico and Southeast Asian nations, including Vietnam , affirming that Mexico intends to muster a series of agricultural projects in Vietnam in a entrance time.

Sagarpa’s statistics showed that, given early this year, a value of Mexico ’s plantation furnish exports to Vietnam reached 100 million USD with a sum two-way trade of some-more than 300 million USD.

Last year, Vietnm – Mexico shared trade surpassed 950 million USD. The figure is approaching to strike 1 billion USD this year./.


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