Urban farmers

tải xuống (2) VietNamNet Bridge – Trai Cup resettlement zone in Ba Hien commune, Binh Xuyen district, the northern province of Vinh Phuc, looks like an urban residential area with asphalt roads, pavements, street lights, tapped water, etc., with over 200 families.
The whole fields of Trai Cup’s farmers were devoted to building industrial zones three years ago. Young people are assisted to learn new jobs but people of over 30 years old have to hold on farming.
They don’t have fields, so Trai Cup people hire fields to plant rice.
During the rice harvest season, roads in Trai Cup urban residential area become rice drying ground.
Residents of the modern Trai Cup residential area still live by farming.
Trai Cup is built up to standards for modern urban residential areas.
Still thinking as farmers “inch of ground is precious as inch of gold”, local residents take advantage of each inch of ground in the residential area to grown vegetable and crops.
Receiving high compensation for their fields, farmers have built big houses but they still do the job of farmers.
Nguyen Van Tiep, 40, is still healthy but it is difficult for him to learn a new job. His family earns their living by raising cows.
These farmers cannot sustain the heat in their big concrete houses; they go to the road to take fresh air at noon.
They take advantage small puddles to raise dugs.
Traffic law in this zone is lavish. Anyway, traffic sign poles are useful for hanging up clothes-lines.
Planting rice, raising cows are major jobs of most residents in this modern residential area.
Living in a modern house, the dream of many families in big cities, this woman still works as a hired transplanter and dreams of the old days.


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