Vietnam introduces UK to agricultural potential

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Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Diep Kinh Tan highlighted Vietnam’s potential for agricultural development on July 5 in calling for the UK’s investment and cooperation in the field.

Deputy Minister Tan said at a meeting with British firms in London that the agricultural sector earned US$19.5 billion from exports in 2010, accounting for 27 percent of the country’s total exports. However, the country’s exports are mainly raw products with low added value.

He stressed the Government’s plans to increase the quality and value of export items, saying that to achieve the targets, Vietnam’s agriculture sector needs to equip its processing and producing industries with high technology.

Vietnam’s main export items to the UK are seafood with US$102.58 million in value in 2010, up by 15 percent over the previous year; furniture with US$189.6 million, up by 16.5 percent; coffee with US$41.76 million and cashew nuts with US$43.51 million.

Iain C. Pollard from the London-based MRAG, a company specializing in providing origin certification services, said his company is expanding its business to Vietnam and seeking partners in Can Tho city and other Mekong delta provinces.

About 20 representatives from trade, investment consultancy organizations and businesses in the UK attended the event to learn about Vietnam’s agricultural potential and to seek opportunities for investment and cooperation in Vietnam.

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