Agricultural co-operatives help Can Tho City prosper

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The development of co-operatives in Can Tho City in recent years has helped increase income and create more jobs for farmers.

Members of the Thoi An Seafood Co-operative in O Mon District are not concerned about outlets for their products because they have contracted to breed tra fish for the Hung Vuong Seafood Company.

The company provides animal food for its members and purchases all tra fish at a price that earns a profit.

In 2007-08, when the price of tra fish dropped significantly and many farmers suffered losses from tra fish breeding, the co-operative still continued to develop and the members earned a stable income.

The Thoi An Seafood Co-operative has annual revenue of VND300 billion.

Similarly, the Thot Not Agricultural Seed Co-operatives in Thot Not District operates effectively and supplies about 300 tonnes of rice seeds a year.

The co-operatives help their members seek outlets and teach them techniques to produce high-quality rice seeds.

Can Tho has 234 co-operatives with more than 7,200 members, according to the city Co-operative Alliance.

Of the 234 co-operatives that have at least seven members each, as required, 78 are in the agricultural and aquaculture sectors and the remaining are in other sectors, including construction, environmental sanitation, transport, industry, handicrafts and trade.

The city also has 3,370 co-operative teams with at least three members each. These teams operate in the agricultural and aquaculture sectors.

About 80 per cent of rice seeds for cultivation in Can Tho are supplied by the city’s co-operatives and cooperative teams.

Despite significant development in recent years, co-operatives still face difficulties, including their small production scale, few members, capital shortage and personnel forces.

In 2010, 80 per cent of co-operatives had a profit, according to the city Co-operative Alliance.

Nguyen Quoc Hai, chairman of the city Co-operative Aalliance, said the alliance would continue working with the Cuu Long Delta Rice Research Institute, Can Tho University and other relevant departments and agencies to train personnel for co-operatives.

The Co-operative Alliance would also strengthen and provide consultations for co-operatives to set up feasible projects which can access programmes to provide loans for co-operatives, Hai said.

The Co-operative Alliance had also finished a plan to establish a fund for supporting co-operatives with an initial capital of VND20 billion, he said.

The plan would be submitted to the city People’s Committee for approval, he said.


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