US$23 million to be invested in rural Dak Nong

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The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) will spend US$23.82 million to finance a sustainable development project for ethnic groups in the Central Highland province of Dak Nong.

Funding for the project comes primarily from IFAD official development aid (81.27%) and non-refundable aid (1.8%). The rest will be provided by the Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Agribank), local residents and the Vietnamese Government.

The project will be implemented from 2011 to 2016 in 23 poor communes in five remote districts of Dak Nong province including Dak Glong, Dak R’lap, Dak Song, Krong No and Tuy Duc.

The main focus of the project will be rural financial services, generating new means of livelihood for ethnic groups and project management.

The money will also be invested in infrastructure development. The project aims to build and upgrade 180 km of roads and bridges, and construct 60 irrigation systems, 20 health facilities and 40 community educational centres by the end of 2016.


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