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Mekong delta needs to focus on rice

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Bac Lieu province and other Mekong delta provinces need to maintain the rice-growing acreage, to ensure national food security and social welfare.

State President Nguyen Minh Triet issued this requirement during his working session with the Party committee and people of Bac Lieu on June 21.

He stressed the need to apply advanced technology in farming and described it as the best way to ensure sustainability in agricultural production and create conditions for farmers to increase their income.

Besides, he urged Bac Lieu province not to develop industry at any cost, saying that to develop the industry, the province needs to consider its areas of strength in labour, land and human resources.

Bac Lieu should focus on tertiary training units in the province to provide skilled human resources for plants and enterprises in the coming time, he suggested.

The President emphasised social welfare for all local residents, particularly the implementation of the Party and State’s policies to those who rendered services to the nation and their families. The province should consider it a consistent guideline and a responsibility of the entire society for them, he said


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