Sugar output estimated to reach 1.143m tons in 2010-2011 cro

tải xuống (9) Till this time as the 2010-2011 crop ends, only 4 of 38 sugar refining factories are operating and they too are going to stop by June 30, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.
Up to June 15, all factories produced 1,138,880 tons of sugar, 248,880 tons higher than one year earlier. Total output of the whole 2010-2011 crop will reach 1,142,680 tons.

In the past one month from May 15 to June 15, the factories fetched up 163,880 tons, 68,680 tons higher than the same period of previous year. Thus, the stored sugar volume till June 15 was 347,700 tons, 106,900 tons more than the same period.

Sugarcane purchase price in fields in the central and highland regions by the end of this crop was kept stable at 950,000-1 million dong per ton.

Monthly sugar demand of the country during the first half of 2011 averaged at 120,000 tons.

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